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UPDATE ON OUR 2017- 2018 Season - October 4, 2017

We had over 50 returning singers at our first rehearsals and our voices seem well balanced and strong. So, for now, we are not actively seeking more singers. We truly cherish our small, family like group and we worry that increasing our size could impact that, as well as make managing the group harder. We thank you all for your ongoing interest in JVOI!

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JOYFUL VOICES OF INSPIRATION is a non denominational community gospel choir made up of singers of all ages, cultures, and spiritual backgrounds. We exist to perform black gospel music and in doing so, promote an appreciation of gospel music as both a powerful inspriational medium and a unique Afro-American art form. Our efforts are geared toward charitable, educational, and cultural purposes.

"There is potential in gospel music to touch and unite across barriers of race and class. Who knows; perhaps gospel music is the much-sought link that can unite the people of this nation across barriers of race and color, class and creed."
 Derrick Bell
"Gospel Choirs"

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In addition to performing locally several times a year, an important part of the choir's mission is to travel and take their music to people and places around the world.

Formed in 1999 as a one time pick-up choir for a singing tour to Italy, the choir has its roots as a traveling choir. That first tour was so much fun, and the experience of singing gospel abroad so moving and unforgettable that the choir made a committment to travel and sing every summer, incorporating itself as an ongoing non-profit educational organization. Joyful Voices have sung in Italy, Ireland, France, Holland, Brazil, and Costa Rica (to name a few), and travel somewhere fun every summer to sing and sightsee!

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