Welcome Note

There is such a rich treasury of gospel music, from the “traditional” songs written in the 1930s – 1950’s, to the mass choir sound pioneered by James Cleveland in the late-60’s, and on through the soul, funk, hip-hop and rap gospel that defines “contemporary” gospel. We want to share some of this music with our … Read more and listen Welcome Note

Jesus Is The Best Thing

Not to be confused with version of this song with the same title that was a christian adaptation of Gladys Knights “You’re The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me” popularized by both James Cleveland and Desmond Pringle, this is another song altogether. It simply says “Of all the best things that could ever happened … Read more and listen Jesus Is The Best Thing

You’re My Everything

Ricky Dillard and his New Generation Chorale has always been one of the finest gospel groups around. Dillard is a real stickler for details and excellence and it shows in all his work. Here is an old song from 1996, “You’re My Everything”, not to be confused with Richard Smallwood’s song “My Everything“.

I Won’t Complain

A few of the the fabulous Clark Sisters..at least Twinkie and Karen, traveled to Florida in 1996 to have a concert with The Florida A&M University Choir. The event was taped and recorded and it was quite something. This is the classic song “I Won’t Complain” that was first popularized by the late Rev. Paul … Read more and listen I Won’t Complain

Lord Help Me

This song has a wonderful “down home” sound to it. The gospel is raw and real, the soloist not slick or having a particularly great voice, but it works perfectly with the song and its title. This was recorded in 1980, but it sounds so authentic, you’d think it was straight from the roots of … Read more and listen Lord Help Me

The Struggle Is Over

I love this song. EVERYONE goes through hard times, but young black kids growing up in urban setting can have it really hard, so when these young men and women sing “You’ve been in this place long enough, and your mountainside has been rough…the struggle is over for you”…it goes right to my heart. The … Read more and listen The Struggle Is Over

Something About God’s Grace

So here we have the same song from two choirs both brought to America’s attention by Rev. James Cleveland; The Charles Fold Singers and The Donald Vail Choraleers. So, the question for today is, how far into the song do you have to go until you figure out the tune or song that THIS song … Read more and listen Something About God’s Grace

Abundantly Blessed

There are some songs and some performances that one never forgets and this is just one of those songs. It was performed by The New England Gospel Ensemble that was originally started at The New England Conservatory by James Early and Donnell Patterson, as I understand it. It still continues to this day under the … Read more and listen Abundantly Blessed