Welcome Note

There is such a rich treasury of gospel music, from the “traditional” songs written in the 1930s – 1950’s, to the mass choir sound pioneered by James Cleveland in the late-60’s, and on through the soul, funk, hip-hop and rap gospel that defines “contemporary” gospel. We want to share some of this music with our … Read more and listen Welcome Note

Th-th-th-th-that’s all folks

After posting more than 1000 songs over just under three years, I think I’ve given the world my best shot at sharing gospel music with those who want to hear. To my 30 loyal subscribers…Mary, Peter W, MJ, Tony, Bella, Judy, Calie, Norris, Barbara, Elly-Belle and Sayida to name just a few, thank you for … Read more and listen Th-th-th-th-that’s all folks

If Jesus Can’t Fix It

Last night as I drove home from JVOI rehearsal, this song came on and it knocked my socks off.  Why hadn’t I heard this before??  Whatever the reason, I had to share it with you all. It’s my new “favorite song”! The first version is by Ms. Le’Andria Johnson who, not surprisingly, won BET’s “Sunday … Read more and listen If Jesus Can’t Fix It

Something About The Name Jesus

“Young people, there’s nothin’ wrong with dancin’ for Jesus But we can’t forget where we come from… So if you don’t mind Let’s have a little o’ church right now Thank you, Jesus.  Listen” Classic Kirk Franklin reaching out his young followers to remind them not to favorite traditional gospel from back in the day. … Read more and listen Something About The Name Jesus

Lord We Thank You

Everyday is a good day to thank the Lord, and Sunday is an especially good day for it.  Here is Frank Williams’ fabulous Mississippi Mass Choir with a classic from 1989.  Give the song time to develop; after the nice opening solo the song builds as the full choir gets involved leading to wonderful crescendo … Read more and listen Lord We Thank You

We’ve Come To Worship You

Milton Brunson and The Thompson Community Singers (“The Tommies”) never fail to please, and this is The Tommies at their best!  This song is not only great and sung well, but the END OF THE SONG is not to be missed.  SOOOO powerful…they hold the last notes seemingly for ever…okay, 11 seconds which seems an … Read more and listen We’ve Come To Worship You