Welcome Note

There is such a rich treasury of gospel music, from the “traditional” songs written in the 1930s – 1950’s, to the mass choir sound pioneered by James Cleveland in the late-60’s, and on through the soul, funk, hip-hop and rap gospel that defines “contemporary” gospel. We want to share some of this music with our … Read more and listen Welcome Note

I’m So Thankful

In the 60’s James Cleveland made a deal with Savoy records to help them find new talent.  Cleveland agreed to record 8-10 albums a year under the title “James Cleveland Presents…”. All Cleveland had to do was to find a choir he thought he had merit and perform on ONE TRACK on the album.  These … Read more and listen I’m So Thankful

He is Worthy To Be Praised

Another great song from 1994 from one of Chicago’s foremost gospel performer and producer, Rev. Clay Evans and his Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church choir.   Clay Evans was born on June 25, 1925, in Brownsville, Tennessee, to Henry Clay and Estanauly Evans. He was a graduate of Carver High School, then he moved onto Chicago Baptist … Read more and listen He is Worthy To Be Praised