Magnify The Lord

To my knowledge, there have only been a few solo gospel sax players that really got much notoriety; Angella Christie and Kirk Whalum come to mind. Vernard Johnson can play for sure and over his career that went from 1973-1992 he recorded 11 albums of gospel soul-jazz-funk.  (His accompanist on piano is singing the solo … Read more and listen Magnify The Lord

He Will Stand By Your Side

Cleophus Robinson was born March 18, 1932 in Canton, Mississippi. His mother, Lillie, was a well known gospel singer in the region. In 1948, he moved to Chicago, where he sang at churches, as well as appearing with the Roberta Martin Singers and Mahalia Jackson. In September 1949 he made his first recordings for Miracle … Read more and listen He Will Stand By Your Side

Dark Day in Jerusalem/Calvary

Well, I’m a day late with these two songs but what the heck.  Easter gospel isn’t a fun subject, but Dorothy Love Coates and The Gospel Harmonettes do put some energy into their song, “Dark Day in Jerusalem”.   James Cleveland’s “Calvary” however, is pretty dark, but a remarkable piece nonetheless.  The tempo is purposely … Read more and listen Dark Day in Jerusalem/Calvary