(Come And Go With Me) To My Father’s House

This is arguablely one of the best gospel recordings ever.  Not only is the choir off the hook, but the lead/soloist is just an amazing, truly gifted, anointed gospel singer.  Although this is a cover of The Edwin Hawkins Singer’s version, it deserves serious attention. *(N.B. I hope you realize that the write up above … Read more and listen (Come And Go With Me) To My Father’s House

Would You Believe In Me

“Back in the day”, every Sunday night the Corinthian Temple Radio Choir would perform live on Chicago AM radio.  At night, after smaller radio stations had signed off at sundown, the signals of the bigger “clear channel” stations could be heard for hundreds of miles from where the broadcast originated.  Thus gospel shows like this … Read more and listen Would You Believe In Me