(On The) Battlefield For My Lord

I’m back at my posting and I’m on a Charles Fold kick.  This man was one of the very best of the best and made some wonderful music. In the comments section on YouTube there is one comment that sums it all up perfectly: “Lawwwd have mercy!!!! Sing it Charles! Can’t you see him carrying … Read more and listen (On The) Battlefield For My Lord

None Like You

Formerly Voices of Binghampton, the revamped Kevin Davidson & the Voices were a contemporary gospel choir based in Memphis, Tennessee. They issued their first album under the moniker, Celebrate, in 1998. Language of the Millennium (the album this cut is from) followed in 2000, and their third album, 2001’s Soultown USA, continued to incorporate elements … Read more and listen None Like You


From the liner notes of the 1970 album titled “Bro. Henderson’s FABULOUS Watts Community Choir – We Need More Love”: “Bro. Henderson’s Watts Community Choir was organized in September 1969 by Brother Henderson in hopes that the so called “Generation Gap” could be closed through the media of “Gospel Music.” The choir has been featured … Read more and listen Change