We Shall Behold Him

Vickie Bowman married into the Winans family dynasty in 1978 when she married Marvin Winans, a member of the gospel group, “The Winans”. Vicky Winans  has a wonderful voice, but never reached super-stardom over her long career. This is one of her best songs recorded in 1995. Its a lovely, big torchy ballad that builds … Read more and listen We Shall Behold Him

Everything Will Be Alright

One of Rev. James Cleveland’s best known songs is titled “Everything Will Be Alright”. Today I present two audio looks into the idea that “Everything Will Be Alright”. The first cut is from the CD “Gospel Legends” produced and released by Milton Biggham and Malco Records, and is pretty much the way Cleveland wrote it. … Read more and listen Everything Will Be Alright

Praise Him

This song was a Geoff Hicks Inspirational Choir staple during it’s four years before the choir became Joyful Voices of Inspiration. The song is a staple of the black church and this is a wonderful live recording featuring Rev. Milton Biggham (founder of The Georgia Mass Choir) and Lillian Lily performing the solo leads.  Those … Read more and listen Praise Him

Shackles (Praise You)

I don’t know, just feelin’ a little hip hop this morning. Here’s an offering from Mary Mary (Tina Campbell and Erica Campbell). (I’ve also included the karaoke track and lyrics in case you get inspired to try it on your own; it’s pretty infectious.  Great fuzz guitar and big bass on the karaoke track.) Mary … Read more and listen Shackles (Praise You)

Hosanna Hosanna

Glenn Edward Burleigh was the first of three children born to Rev. Nathaniel and Iona Burleigh, July 5, 1949 (one day before me!!) in Guthrie, Oklahoma. He graduated from high School in 1967 and entered the University of Oklahoma as a piano major graduating in 1971. He attended Oklahoma City University where he received his … Read more and listen Hosanna Hosanna

I Won’t Complain

Okay, this is the biggest post I’ve EVER made, and it’s worth every note The song “I Won’t Complain” has been recorded and covered so many times; it is just one of those old songs that, with the right singer(s), NEEDS to be sung. Yesterday James Early posted a link to three singers (Rance Allen, … Read more and listen I Won’t Complain