Until My Day Is Done

I don’t think I’ve posted a song by the great Albertina Walker, a true gospel legend. Albertina was the founder of the famous “Caravans” in the early fifties (member of the Caravans included James Cleveland, Bessie Griffin, Shirley Caesar, Dorothy Norwood, Inez Andrews to name a few). She died in 2010 after a long career … Read more and listen Until My Day Is Done

Dance Like It’s Sunday

Okay, because not all of you understand Swahili all that well making the prior post a bit less than inspirational, I’m making today a TWO-FER Sunday.(I know…”What a good guy!”) And what better song to share than a great hip-hop contemporary song called “Dance Like It’s Sunday”. So, get another cup of Joe and get … Read more and listen Dance Like It’s Sunday

Praise is What I Do

This song from 2001 was a huge hit for the Shekinah Glory Ministry choir, based almost solely on the exhortation/lead  provided by William Murphy. It is songs exactly like this where William Murphy is incomparable. He can’t sing all that well, but he has these exhortation parts down pat. I just recently learned that it … Read more and listen Praise is What I Do