Old School Gospel Medley

Keeping the old school/traditional gospel music theme going, here is an amateur recording of the Male Chorus of the First Baptist Church in Washington DC doing a medley of old songs.  It’s fun to sing along with…join in with the lady sitting next to the person recording the song  😉             … Read more and listen Old School Gospel Medley

There’s a Leak in this Old Building

My, my, my…. Okay, I was thinking about my Mom’s last days early this morning and I thought about the old song “There’s a Leak in this Old Building (and my soul has got to move)”, so I thought I’d look around YouTube for some versions I didn’t know.  (The most famous version is by … Read more and listen There’s a Leak in this Old Building

I Know The Lord Will Make a Way

Apologies those you old time gospel lovers who have had to suffer through a good bit of contemporary “stuff”. Let’s go back to church and listen to some nice live singing, this time from Pastor Gilbert (G.E) Patterson and Rose Marie Rimson-Brown. Patterson served as Presiding Bishop and Chief Apostle of the Church of God … Read more and listen I Know The Lord Will Make a Way

Hosanna, Hosanna

One of the first songs the old Geoff Hick Inspirational Choir ever sang. I remember rehearsing it, but never knew that it had a lead/fill part until we first performed it live and Louise Grasmere stepped up out of nowhere and blew the doors off the song and the building. Some things one never forgets. … Read more and listen Hosanna, Hosanna

Nobody Can Do Me Like Jesus

I inspired myself to follow my suggestion of making a bunch of posts based on the many versions and variations of the song “Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus”. Today’s offering is by Dottie Peoples and The Peoples Choice Choir. I love the way she works the audience and just takes to time to build … Read more and listen Nobody Can Do Me Like Jesus

Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus

A little traditional, uptempo (I mean UP-TEMPO) gospel from “The Truthettes” (what a great name!) singing “Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus” from their 1982 album “He’s Still Working On Me”.  I could do a week’s work of posts of variations on this song alone; it’s a real gospel classic. The Truthettes were a mother … Read more and listen Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus