Let The Words

I’m back from the southern climes and ready to jump back into blogging some great music. Today’s song is from Take 6, one of the most remarkable and accomplished acapella groups ever. (I’ll post more, I promise.) These guys met in college and, story has it, started rehearsing in a big bathroom that they found … Read more and listen Let The Words

Mighty God

This should get your juices flowing this morning. John P. Kee, a reformed drug dealer from Durham North Carolina who straighten up and started singing gospel instead, and who has had a phenomenally successful career. He’s enlisted several family members to play in his band, and his New Life Community Choir makes a great sound.

I Live For You

Today we have a beautiful acapella contemporary Christian song with the same beautiful sound as Take 6. College acapella groups could take a cue from this group and learn that great acapella is not about a bunch of people trying to emulate an entire percussion section, but in tight, beautifully crafted, intricate, close harmonies expertly … Read more and listen I Live For You