All The Way

With its 200-plus members representing some 100 churches of various denominations from throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the DFW Mass Choir was organized on March 20, 1990 by the Rev. Armond W. Brown, Pastor of the Fellowship Baptist Church of Oak Cliff, and the Rev. Milton Biggham, Executive Producer, Savoy Record Company of New York … Read more and listen All The Way

Worthy To Be Praised

Angela Spivey (born November 9, 1959), is an American gospel musician and artist. She started her music career, in 1995, with the release of Victorious Praise. This this cut is taken from her 2000 album Glory, Honor and Praise. This song grabs me every time I hear it. For one, it seems marvelously simple. It … Read more and listen Worthy To Be Praised

He’s Able – Kirk Franklin & The Family

In the summer of 1993 a young unknown gospel musician from Fort Worth, Texas, released – to little initial fanfare – his self-titled debut album, Kirk Franklin & The Family. Wildly accepted and embraced almost immediately by the masses, the album went on to spend 100 weeks at the top of Billboard magazine’s gospel charts, … Read more and listen He’s Able – Kirk Franklin & The Family

He’s Able – GMWA Mass Choir

For those of you who were with the choir when James Early was director you know all about the two gospel “conferences” that are held each summer. On August 30, 1933, at the Pilgrim Baptist Church in Chicago, the National Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses was organized by Thomas A. Dorsey and held its … Read more and listen He’s Able – GMWA Mass Choir

I’m Yours Lord

A traditional song that came out in the ’80’s. Not much info is available on the song itself. It first was released on the Clay Evans album in 1987 and Ethel Holloway did a great version in 1988. Caution: Earworm Alert! I heard this yesterday morning while out walking the dog and woke up this … Read more and listen I’m Yours Lord

My Help

This song was written by a rather obscure singer/songwriter named Jackie Gouche Farris. In an interview she said the song, although it is straight from scripture, came to her in about 10 minutes. THAT’S Divine inspiration. Here are two versions; both are great. The first is by Bam Crawford and Bam Crawford’s Purpose recorded in 1997 … Read more and listen My Help

I Came to Magnify the Lord

What is there to say??….I L-O-V-E everything about this song! This song has become a staple praise and worship song for congregations, church choirs and youth choirs. Wonderfully simple lyrics, great tune…takes about a minute to get it! Then there is an African children’s choir version I like better…I can’t find the original this clip … Read more and listen I Came to Magnify the Lord

Nearer My God To Thee

Legend has it that the orchestra on the Titanic played this hymn as the ship slid into the icy waters of the northern Atlantic on the night of April 15, 1912. True or not, the song is wonderful and great to sing along with…the harmonies seem to come naturally. Here are two different recordings of … Read more and listen Nearer My God To Thee

Jesus Be a Fence

Today’s Song of the Day is an updated version of an old James Cleveland classic, “Jesus Be a Fence (All Around Me Everyday Day)”. This version is by Fred Hammond and his group “Radical for Christ”. and if you want MORE, here is a great YouTube video of Fred performing the song live. Fred Hammond … Read more and listen Jesus Be a Fence