I Will Celebrate

Maranatha Music is christian praise music that started to appear in the 1970s.  By 1990 megachurches with large music programs were sprouting all over the U.S. and much of their musical liturgy was this newly coined christian music. (Not a bad thing, by the by.) The song “I Will Celebrate” was written in 1990 and … Read more and listen I Will Celebrate

They That Wait On The Lord

There is alway a story. About 2/3’s of the way through this song a male soloist comes in and sings some great stuff (6:08 – 7:48) . If you ever see the video, he’s a very large man. His name is David Peaston and his mother, Martha Bass, was a member of The Clara Ward … Read more and listen They That Wait On The Lord

Yet Praise Him

Okay, up on your feet…time for a little praise dancing!! Founded by Bishop Paul S. Morton Sr., the Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship Mass Choir numbered some 1, 500-plus members drawn from the each of the denomination’s regional bishops. Debuting in 1996 with “A New Thing, Experience the Fullness”, the choir returned two years later in … Read more and listen Yet Praise Him

Lead Me On

Again, one of my favorites…especially the “t-t-t-t-t-take my hand and lead me on” at 1:48. Great old time traditional church gospel. (Okay, I’m a sucker for songs with a heavy, walking bass line.) Clay Evans (born June 23, 1925) is an African American Baptist pastor and founder of the influential Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church in … Read more and listen Lead Me On

Glory Glory Hallelujah, Since I Lay My Burdens Down

Got some things that are burdening you and weighing heavily your mind? Lay those burdens down and lighten your load. Another great old style gospel song from the Smithsonian Folkways Wade in the Water collection. There are so many harmonies going on here it’s really fun to sing along…almost any thing you make up works. … Read more and listen Glory Glory Hallelujah, Since I Lay My Burdens Down

You’ve Got a Right to The Tree of Life

This is a song from the Smithsonian/Folkways four volume Wade in the Water collection of CDs. This is about as raw and basic as it gets. Very much like what one hears even today in the Sea Islands off the Georgia coast. The Gullah and Geechee culture on the Sea Islands of Georgia has retained … Read more and listen You’ve Got a Right to The Tree of Life