He Lives

Don’t let the cheesy strings on the electronic keyboard at the start throw you…it soon gives way to a mighty Hammond B3 and the song takes off from there. And talk about some vocal Olympics (starting abound 1:40)! YIKES. Rev. Timothy Wright once said, “I thank God for the memory of the late Dr. James … Read more and listen He Lives

I’d Trade a Lifetime

Another classic gospel song from Rev. Milton Brunson and The Thompson Community Choir. I’ve tried to find out what the reference to “…shake hands with the elders, the twenty and the four” in the first verse (00:50) is about, but haven’t found anything. Part of the fun about gospel music is delving into these references … Read more and listen I’d Trade a Lifetime

Thanksgiving Week – Last Day

Every time I hear this song I say to myself, “the choir should learn this. It would be a great song to take with us when we travel out of the country.” The lyrics feature “thank you” in six different languages.  I did edit out two verses at the beginning because they don’t add much … Read more and listen Thanksgiving Week – Last Day

Thanksgiving Week – Day 6

Melvin Yancy began his music career in 1971, with The Independents, who were an American R&B vocal group.[5] The band disbanded in 1975, and he focused more on helping his spouse Natalie Cole, with recording and writing songs as her record producer. This was a powerful musical union because she won Grammy Awards for two … Read more and listen Thanksgiving Week – Day 6

Thanksgiving Week – Day 5

How can one celebrate Thanksgiving without this song?? For those who don’t know the story, the choir was singing at The Boston Home, a 96-bed nursing-care facility for adults with physical disabilities, primarily multiple sclerosis and other progressive neurological diseases. As the concert wound down, there came a small voice from the audience could barely … Read more and listen Thanksgiving Week – Day 5

Thanksgiving Week – Day 1

There are SO many songs about giving thanks that it is hard to whittle them down to fourteen or twenty-one so I can post two or three each day this week, but I think I have some real gems here. Some of these songs the choir has sung in years past, some might be new … Read more and listen Thanksgiving Week – Day 1

Jesus on the Mainline

JESUS ON THE MAINLINE Another Alan Lomax recording from 1960. Raw, simple harmonies, with that wonderful downhome “quartet” sound. No over production here; this is good old unadulterated gospel at its best. From www.harmonytrain.com: Quartet singing dates back to before the turn of the century, and some of the earliest recorded music features quartets. Early … Read more and listen Jesus on the Mainline

Very Same God

SILVER LEAF QUARTET (all 6 of them!!) This recording was made by Alan Lomax in 1960. Perfect “downhome” gospel harmonies. Performers & Instruments :     Brown, Cephus [clapping, vocal]      Claiborne, P. [clapping, vocal]      McPherson, Ellis [clapping, vocal]      Scott, Ida Lee [clapping, vocal]      Scott, Sonny [clapping, vocal]      Smith, Melvin [clapping, vocal] Group … Read more and listen Very Same God