A Song In The Midst Of The Storm

  1. A Song In The Midst Of The Storm James Cleveland and The GMWA Mass Choir 5:34


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THIS is why I love gospel music so much.

I often capture songs off YouTube or the internet without listening to them…sort of trolling to find songs that might be of interest to me.  I keep the songs in a folder and then load them into an audio player where I can listen to a snippet of each song.

This morning I noticed this song, “A Song In The Midst Of The Storm”, a title I didn’t recognize.  I took a quick listen, then jumped around in the track to see where it went and immediately got hooked on it.  I wanted to know more about this song, so I began to look around the internet.  Here’s what I learned.

This is track 7 from the 1985 album “The Gospel Music Workshop of America Recorded Live at Madison Square Garden”.  The lead was sung by the late Robin Rowe-Stewart and the song was written by Donald Lawrence, founder and leader of fabulous The Tri-City Singers. Who knew??  I then wanted to know who Robin Rowe Stewart was.  Here is an excerpt from a 2002 interview with Donald Lawrence I found on gospelflava.com

Donald Lawrence then went on to honor noted Tri-City Singer vocalist Robin Rowe-Stewart, who recently went home to glory, succumbing to breast cancer in February, 2002.

“That was and still is a very painful wound. She was really like my blood sister, we go back to the first grade, through to sixth grade and high school. She’s always been a part of everything I did musically, in GMWA workshop albums, PTL, etc. I worked real hard with her to posture her for her own solo career, which was one of the next projects on my plate.”

“Everyone always felt that Robin and I were destined to have successful ministries; we would sit and dream about everything I’m doing now. I still shed a tear when I think about how much destiny was in her and how the world will never experience it. She was the funniest person and know and a phenomenal singer…she will be missed!!”

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