Are You Washed In The Blood

Sometimes people who weren’t brought up in the Fundamental, Pentecostal or Evangelical church find the idea of being washed in the blood of the lamb as being gross or just not a very happy subject. Actually, for those who believe, being washed in the blood is a VERY GOOD thing…something to spread the good news…the GOSPEL..about.  That’s why there are so many of these songs in the gospel discography.

This uptempo song is from John P. Kee (the growl-y guy singing lead) and has a big choir sound to it, even though the song goes back a bit.  Some nice cross rhythms too. I LOVE the vamp (2:20 on)…worth the wait. Enjoy.

  1. Are You Washed In The Blood John P. Kee & Tina Morrison 3:28


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