Just Playing Around On A B3 With A Leslie 122 Speaker

I am ALWAYS blown away by the amazing talent that seemingly “ordinary” people have. Case in point. This audio track is from a YouTube video that was shot in an organ store in Chicago. My impression is that anyone how wants to come in a try one of the hundreds of organs on the showroom floor is welcome to play. So, here’s a guy who just decided to stop by and “noodle around” and have fun playing an inspired version of “Amazing Grace” on a Hammond B3 organ with a Leslie 122 speaker. Amen Bro and Thank You for making my day.


  1. Noodling on a B3 with a Leslie 122 Speaker Unknown 2:52


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If you don’t know what as Leslie speaker is, it is the unit to the right with the cabinet removed. It is what give the B3 such a rich wonderful sound.


So here is the original video:


and here is a video about the fascinating “History of The Leslie Speakers”


I Am Redeemed

…and if you are NOT yet redeemed, these two pieces surely WILL get ya there.

The organist in these two videos, Mose Tyson, made this comment to go with the videos:

I was just playing around and started singing “I Am Redeemed”. I am AMAZED at how people love this video because anybody who knows me can tell you that I was HAVING FUN. I was playing around. THANK GOD!!!





And if you liked those, you’ll LOVE this YouTube Video Mix of 39 pieces by
Mose Tyson.

Twinkie’s Organ Prelude (High Place)/Endow Me

I LOVE The Clark Sisters. And I REALLY love it when Twinkie just plays her B3.


  1. Twinkie's Organ Prelude (High Place)/Endow Me The Clark Sisters 10:06


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Today’s post is a two song mash up I made that starts off with Twinkie on the B3 playing a riff she calls “High Place”…a piece of B3 organ music that really does take me to a very high place. I love the chord progressions starting around 2:05.  This is followed by the entire group of Clark Sisters performing their song “Endow Me” live in Charlotte North Carolina (Yup, props to NC DP and Dana!).

Have a blessed day.

EVERYDAY is Thankgiving

Last Thanksgiving I posted the original version of this song perform by Dr. Charles G. Hayes & the Cosmopolitan Church Choir. This Thanksgiving we are revisiting the song with a wonderful version from L. Andre Patterson and the S.H.O.P. Choir. It’s a great rousing version, much more meaty than the original.  I love it!! The vocals are off the hook.
Enjoy, take time today (well, everyday) to count all your many blessings, and have a Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. Everyday is Thanksgiving L. Andre Patterson and the S.H.O.P. Choir 4:45


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Too Close

I had NEVER heard of Rev. Otis Mays and The Bostonians…I’m not even sure if they’re from Boston or not, but I’m a believer. Too Close is one of my favorite gospel songs and this is one of the best versions I’ve heard. From the funky intro (with clavinet, piano, B3 and guitar), to the slow, soulful solo verses with the great backup band punctuating the lyrics, this song rocks me. But, like yesterday’s song of the day (“My Change Will Come“), this song also fades into oblivion WAY before it really ends, leaving one yearning to hear what happens next.


  1. Too Close Rev. Otis Mays and The Bostonians 7:49


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Sweeping Through the City

Here’s one more from the great “First Lady of Gospel”, Shirley Caesar. This is an 8 minute gospel experience with the longest vamp ever, taking up more than half the entire song itself. This is a true gospel classic that everyone should know.


  1. Sweeping Through The City Shirley Caesar 7:51


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And, if you enjoyed the song, then I know you’ll love seeing and hearing Pastor Caesar perform the song for President and Mrs. Obama at The White House at little over a year ago (complete with a Hammond B3, Yamaha grand, funky guitar and choir)!!  It’s a mere 5 and a half minutes long, but better than the original itself, again, IMHO.  (And what a thrill and honor for The Morgan State University Gospel Choir to be invited to back up Pastor Caesar at The White House…and they nail it.)


Hold On To God’s Unchanging Hand

Today’s selection is an instrumental by an organist named Timothy Poston playing  a medley of old church songs on the Hammond B3 accompanied by an amazing combo of piano and drums.


  1. Hold To God's Unchanging Hand Timothy Poston 6:53


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The first song, “Hold On To God’s Unchanging Hand” floors me.  The song starts simply enough, by at about 1:10 it really starts to take off, and take off it does!  By 2:13 the song is going full gospel tilt until it winds down.  It could be used any given Sunday as the processional for the choir; I’m exhausted by the end of the song as they then slip into a riff on “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”. I could listen to this for HOURS.

Happy Columbus Day Weekend. Enjoy.

Born Again

WHEW! I just finished listening to this song and I am totally drained. This is gospel from deep blues roots as I love it most.  I just HAD to post it right now!


  1. Born Again Beverly Crawford 11:14


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This is a live, 11 minute+ recording of Beverly Crawford, band and choir performing this song. The intro along takes my breath away with the incredibly agile, almost playful, Hammond B3 trading off licks with an incredible soaring guitar backed be a solid bass line. It slowly grows and grows until Beverly cuts in pleading with the audience to “listen…listen…listen…”. After 7 minutes of amazing verses displaying the incredible vocal ability of both Beverly and the amazing choir, an even more amazing four minute vamp on “Born again…I’ve been born again” develops and just sucks you in further and further. I don’t care about your theological ideology, if any; all I can say is that you are not feeling like a true believer at the end of this song, then no gospel song can get to you…IMHO!


With a Made Up Mind

Oh oh! NEW favorite song. I’ve always loved this song; I first heard it on Bobby Jones Gospel back in the ’80s, but THIS version is da bomb!

Just a Hammond B3 and Nikki Thomas’s voice is all that is needed to create this wonderful song. This is a perfect example of what an amazing instrument the B3 can be. It is so expressive and has so many voices that it in the hands of a good organist like Bishop Roderick A. Edwards, Pastor of The Power House Temple in Highland Park MI,  it can create the perfect accompaniment to an already good song.


  1. With a Made Up Mind Nikki Thomas 5:13


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We Need a Blessing

A wonderful traditional song with a terrific Hammond B3 info from Clay Evans and the Clark Road Baptist Church Combined Choirs.  Great bass line too!

  1. We Need A Blessing Clay Evans and the Clark Road Baptist Church Combined Choirs 4:18


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