Count It All Joy

  1. Count It All Joy The New Jerusalem Baptist Church Choir 5:45


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This song is drawn from John 1:2 that says, “Count it all joy when you meet trials of various kinds”, and Romans 8:28 that says “all things work together for those who love the Lord”.  I marvel at how resilient and indomitable Black America has been/is in the face of so much adversity, suffering and oppression through so many years.  How does one deal with all that?? 
“Just count it all joy!”??  That’s a tall order that requires such a deep faith that it is hard to fathom. But this is the power and the message of gospel music.

When you’ve been down and out;
You can’t find your way
You’re burdens get so heavy
You don’t want to face another day
Count it all joy, count it all joy,
Count it ALL joy,
All things can happen to you
For we all know that all things work together
For those who love the Lord

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