Feel The Spirit

Today’s feature song comes from my deep bag full of arcane/moldy/lost gospel songs.

As I previewed this song this morning looking for a song to post, something about the song seemed familiar.  Then it dawn on me. The notes, not the lyrics, sounded a lot like a song thought I remembered.  As the song went on, I knew right away it was a gospel remake of Peabo Bryson’s 1978 hit , “Feel The Fire”…and then I understood why the song title was “Feel The SPIRIT”.

Makes sense to me.   It’s 1980, gospel isn’t the ubiquitous thing it is today, and so to attract high school kids in Trenton N.J. to sing in a gospel choir, why not rework a kewl R&B slow jam??

So, I’m posting both songs for your listening pleasure.  The “Peabo” album was one of my favorites and I almost wore the groove out on it.  Enjoy.


  1. Feel The Spirit The Trenton High School Gospel Choir 7:39


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  1. Feel The Fire Peabo Bryson 4:30


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