God Is Good

This is not the traditional style “God Is Good” by Chester D.T. Baldwin that many people know, but a contemporary song with the same title from Deitrick Haddon.


  1. God Is Good Deitrick Haddon 3:55


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Deitrick Haddon was born in Detroit in 1972, and has become a multi talented singer, songwriter, arranger, producer, pastor, actor and pianist.  Some refer to his contemporary style as “Christian R&B”, which I guess would be a sub genre of Gospel.  There is no doubt that this song has deep R&B roots, but the subject matter takes it into the Gospel/Christian realm.  Deitrick started his recording career with a group named “Voices of Unity” and then launched his solo career in 2002; this song is from his first album.  In an interesting crossover marketing move, Haddon debuted this song on the syndicated series Soul Train.



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