I Am Redeemed

…and if you are NOT yet redeemed, these two pieces surely WILL get ya there.

The organist in these two videos, Mose Tyson, made this comment to go with the videos:

I was just playing around and started singing “I Am Redeemed”. I am AMAZED at how people love this video because anybody who knows me can tell you that I was HAVING FUN. I was playing around. THANK GOD!!!





And if you liked those, you’ll LOVE this YouTube Video Mix of 39 pieces by
Mose Tyson.

One thought on “I Am Redeemed”

  1. Two versions of the song Redeemed that I have enjoyed:
    L.A. Mass Choir and the New Jersey Mass Choir.

    And the New Jersey Mass Choir’s album called “Hold Up the Light” has a bunch of great songs on it, especially (for me) O the Blood, He’s Worthy, Holy Spirit, Hold Up the LIght, and Let Jesus Lead You. (Plus Redeemed).

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