I’m Going All The Way

This is a little hip-hop/R&B inspirational song from Sounds of Blackness, the same group that sang “Hold On (Change Is Comin’)”, a song that was in our repertoire a couple of years ago when we went to Argentina. (As a matter of fact, the travel choir sang “Hold On (Change Is Comin’)” as one of their numbers the Buenos Aires Gospel Festival, with Norris doing the solo, and the crowd LOVED IT!). But I digress.


  1. I'm Going All The Way 4:52


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Sounds Of Blackness have explored all forms of African American music since forming in Minneapolis in the early 1970s. Producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis signed Sounds Of Blackness to their Perspective imprint in 1991 and granted the group complete stylistic freedom. “I’m Going All The Way” was the first single released from the group’s third album, “Africa To America: The Journey Of The Drum.” that came out in 1993.

As an inspirational song, this one is right on. Here are the lyrics to accompany the audio.

Whatever it takes to make it… (uh –huh)
I’m going all the way! (yeah yeah)
I may be down sometimes… (uh –huh)
But I won’t be down always! (no no!)

I’ve had some problems
Heartache and pain
Tryin’ to find the answers
‘been rackin’ my brain
Oh but as I thought about it
Began to come clear…
To get myself together
Go on from HERE…

Repeat Chorus

Now I know better
It’s time to move on
My determination…
Is what keeps me strong!
Oh I believe in myself
Like never before!
Faith is the key…
To unlock the Door!

Whatever it takes to make it…
I’m going all the way (Yeaaaaaahhhh!)
I may be down sometimes (Sometimes…)
But I won’t be down always! (Not Everyday…Some days…oh but not Always!)
Whatever it takes to make it (whatever it takes…)
I’m going all the way (All the way! Wherever all the way is…that’s where I’m going!)
I may be down sometimes (down down sometimes…)
I won’t be down always (I won’t be down always! Always always)

Whatever it will take…to help you reach that goal!
Don’t give up HOPE!…I KNOW YOU CAN COPE!
Just move on don’t ever stop – just keep marching on! (and on and on and on)
Sing it sing it sing it!

Don’t you give up
Don’t you give up don’t you give in
Don’t you give in hold to your goal!

Keep on….keep on…keep on movin!

Vamp to end

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