Step Aside

Get outta the way.  Step back and let God do it.

Hold on, don’t give up. Don’t you worry, you don’t have to cry.
‘Cause God sees, He sees what you’re going through oh yes he does.
God is willing, and he’s able; this didn’t catch Him by surprise.
So, if you would,
just trust Him and step aside.

I just love the way the song ramps up starting at 2:16…


  1. Step Aside 4:07


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and because I can’t get enough of that last part, I made myself a file of Yolanda Adams doing the end of HER version of Step Aside. I can listen to THIS over and over and over…I’m not sure why I get so into this…but I do!


  1. Step Aside - End 2X Yolanda Adams 3:12


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Happy New Year

2 thoughts on “Step Aside”

  1. Have you seen Yolanda Adams’s video on YouTube singing “Victory”? It’s outrageous…the music and harmony is amazing, but the choreography is also truly outstanding.

    1. NEVER heard Victory before, but just listen to it a few time on YouTube. Terribly infectious beat/groove, and Yolanda is in great form. Thanks for the tip. I’ll post Victory as tomorrow’s Song of the Day.

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