He Lives

  1. He Lives Rev. Timothy Wright & Rev. Jerome Ferrell with The Lighthouse Choir. 5:07


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Don’t let the cheesy strings on the electronic keyboard at the start throw you…it soon gives way to a mighty Hammond B3 and the song takes off from there. And talk about some vocal Olympics (starting abound 1:40)! YIKES.

Rev. Timothy Wright once said, “I thank God for the memory of the late Dr. James Cleveland. I consider him to be one of my musical mentors. He used to always tell me, he said, ‘Timothy, you don’t need a whole lot of words to make a song. Two or three words and that’ll do…long as they get the message.‘ ” Rev. Wright clearly heeded Rev. Cleveland’s advice here. This song uses all of SEVEN unique words in the 5+ minutes that it runs!
“I’m so glad He lives
I’m glad I know He lives”.

This is perfect call and response at it’s spontaneous best…and it ends up with an unexpected Holy Dance/Praise Break to finish it off!! It’s wonderful how such a simple song can be so powerful. Even if you are not a believer, you STILL come away GLAD HE LIVES!  

Jesus When Troubles Burden Me Down

  1. Jesus When Troubles Burden Me Down Rev. Timothy Wright 5:08


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Reverend Timothy Wright started on piano at age 12, and sang and composed for his church choir as a teenager at the St. John’s Fire Baptized Holiness Church of God in Brooklyn. He played piano for Bishop F. D. Washington and Isaac Douglas in the 1960s and 1970s, including on recordings, and he formed his own gospel ensemble in the mid-1970s, the Timothy Wright Concert Choir. He eventually became pastor of the Pentecostal Grace Tabernacle Christian Center Church of God in Christ located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and issued albums regularly from 1990.

Wright’s 1994 album Come Thou Almighty King, with the New York Fellowship Mass Choir, made Billboard’s Top 20 chart for gospel albums and was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Traditional Soul Gospel Album, as was his 1999 release Been There Done That.

On July 4, 2008, Wright was critically injured in a car crash on Interstate 80 in Pennsylvania, a crash which killed his wife and grandson as well as the driver of the oncoming car. He died April 24, 2009, as a result of these injuries, at the age of 61.