There’s a Leak in this Old Building

My, my, my….

Okay, I was thinking about my Mom’s last days early this morning and I thought about the old song “There’s a Leak in this Old Building (and my soul has got to move)”, so I thought I’d look around YouTube for some versions I didn’t know.  (The most famous version is by LaShun Pace Rhodes who, I just learned, sang the song at Whitney Houston’s Homecoming).

Anyways, after listening to a LOT of versions, I stumbled on this gem by the “Angel City Chorale” from, where else, LA!! Not only is this the best version I found, the quality is exceptional and the choir caught me by surprise.

  1. There's a Leak In This Old Building City of Angel Chorale 5:02


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Watch their YouTube video after listening to the version in this post

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