We Need a Word from the Lord

A beautiful, torchy, song from Vickie Winans (once married to Marvin Winans of “The Winans” fame who sang the song I posted yesterday).


  1. We Need a Word from the Lord Vickie Winans 4:29


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The music industry is a hard one to survive in. It’s always about the money, not the music. To wit, here is a bit from Vickie’s entry on Wikipedia.

“In 1990, Vickie signed, not to a gospel recording company but to Geffen Records. Geffen was bought by Universal Records and Winan’s contract was shifted to sister label MCA Records. Dealing with a company that hadn’t signed her, she found herself being subtly pushed to tone down the Christian message in her music. ‘They don’t tell you, but you get the vibe,’ she said in 1999. ‘I don’t ever, ever, ever want to be in that predicament again. It’s one thing when you just sing a song where you don’t use the actual name of Jesus, but it’s a whole ‘nother thing when you TRY not to use the name. For me, the name of Jesus will never be distasteful in my mouth. He’s always the answer'”.

“Her 1991 MCA release was “The Lady” which included production by R. Kelly, husband Marvin Winans, and her son Mario. The nine-song album was missing the name Jesus and controversially contained a rendition of West Side Story’s “Somewhere”. MCA then sent Winans to that year’s Stellar Awards television broadcast with dancers – a move that shocked the conservative Christian community, leading to the Winans having to issue a public apology.”

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