NEW Audio Players

with ALL Joyful Voices Songs

We have been able to pull together recordings of 100+ songs that Joyful Voices of Inspiration has sung over the the past 20+ years. We’ve put them in audio players on the MUSIC page of our website.

One is everyone in ALPHABETICAL ORDER fro easy look up, the other is a simple RANDOM song player for the same 100+ songs…a JVOI radio channel so to speak. It’s great music.

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Joyful Voices of Inspiration

Bringing great black gospel music to
Metro Boston, Massachusetts, and the world for 20 years!


"There is potential in gospel music to touch and unite across barriers of race and class.
Who knows; perhaps gospel music is the much-sought link that can unite the people of this nation across barriers of race and color, class and creed

Derrick Bell
"Gospel Choirs"

About Joining the Choir

We are now back to rehearsing in person on Monday evenings at The First Parish in Waltham, although still masked, distanced, and windows open. Not ideal, but a wonderful start nonetheless.

The choir is now about as big as we want to get and we usually only bring in new singers as result of attrition.

Only strong basses who will commit to self funding traveling on tour with the choir will be considered to be accepted as new singers this season. Everyone who goes on tour with the choir pays for their own trip. Summer travel is a very important part of the choir's mission to share our gospel music with others around the world.

Our Mission

Gospel music is both a powerful inspirational medium and a uniquely American art form. The choir’s mission is to share their inspiring gospel music with others and, in doing so, promote the appreciation of gospel music through education about the history and development of the music.

Founded as a traveling choir, JVOI loves to travel and goes on singing tour most every summer. The choir has visited Italy (twice), France, Holland, Ireland, Brazil,  Costa Rica, Argentina, Barcelona Spain and Germany!!

Joyful Voices of Inspiration frequently donates their services at civic and fund raising events in the Boston area.

Our Director

Donnell Patterson is now starting his eighth season with JVOI and he is so excited to be working with us yet again. (And WE are so excited to have him back once again!!)

Donnell Patterson

We are truly blessed to have such an energetic, dynamic, enthusiastic, talented and FUN director as Donnell
Click here to learn more about Donnell

Book the Choir

Joyful Voices of Inspiration loves to perform! From church services, and fund raising concerts, gospel festivals and programs for the elderly or the infirmed, Joyful Voices is available for performances of many kinds.

To learn more about having Joyful Voices perform, please contact Mr. Norris Welch, Joyful Voices’ Vice President of Operations, at (617) 361-9717 or e-mail us at regarding fees and availability.

Joyful Voices are available to perform from late September to early July.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you!
Joyful Voices of Inspiration
PO Box 6318
Lincoln MA  01773-6318
For Booking Information: 617-361-9717

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