Can’t Keep It To Myself

Okay, I just FINISHED writing this post and I was doing a little fact checking and couldn’t find THIS particular song ANYWHERE on the internet. Andre Crouch did have a hit with a song of the same title, but this isn’t it. Oh well…since I can’t tell you about who does sing THIS song, I’ll tell ya about Andre Crouch anyway since I’ve already written the text!!!

This song is a bit more traditional with a soloist and a handful of backup singers, but still features a wonderful strong bass line and a nice upbeat tempo.


  1. Can't Keep It To Myself Andraé Crouch 3:39


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A little something from Andre Crouch, one of the more influential composer/artists from the 60s and 70’s, He earned the title “the father of modern (contemporary/urban) gospel music” for his great compositions.

2 thoughts on “Can’t Keep It To Myself”

  1. Hello there RL
    I believe that the song that you were thinking of is actually titled “I said I wasn’t going to tell nobody “

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