Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus

Okay, this really IS an Andraé Crouch song, one of his “greatest hits” that has become a gospel staple. I THOUGHT Andraé wrote this song, but Crouch released this version, recorded live at Carnegie Hall in 1982, and James Cleveland and The Charles Fold Singers released an album in 1975 with a version of this song on it too.  Go figure.

What-ever…it’s a great song. Enjoy


  1. Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus Andraé Crouch 3:38


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One thought on “Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus”

  1. Yikes…you can TELL this was recorded at Carnegie Hall…just listen to the clapping. The audience at a JVOI concert on Cape Cod last week started clapping like this (1 & 3 or 1, 2, 3 &4) and Donnell stopped the song to explain that only claps on 2 & 4 are acceptable in gospel!!!

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