Could 2017 Be The End??

Over the past 13 months I have posted almost 700 gospel songs to the Blog and the streaming audio player. iTunes tells me I have 1,531 gospel songs in total, but many of them are snippets, rehearsal tracks, not so great tracks that only I might appreciate, etc….unusable songs…so, in actually I might have only about 1,200 good, post-able songs in at most.

Soooo…I might exhaust my supply sometime in 2017 if I keep posting at the same rate I have been. I could reach the end sometime in the coming year.

I KNOW what you’re thinking and feeling as a result of this shocking news, so I’m including a special bonus track that certainly will speak directly to your sense of impending loss.¬† (If you’re not familiar with this rock gem from 1967, wait at least until the vocals start at 0:33…then you can turn it off! (Hey man, that intro is far out man, like pschyodelic, ya know??? )


  1. Baby Please Don't Go 5:39


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