First Class Physician

  1. First Class Physician Dottie Peoples 5:55


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This is one of the more clever gospel songs I know. Dottie Peoples has been around for a long time, but has never really gained first tier notoriety among the top female gospel singers. I’m not sure why; she has a great voice and the songs she chooses to sing are well written and well produced. Since she is one of my favorites, you’ll be hearing more from her as 2016 goes on.

For more about Dottie, read her bio on Wikipedia. One fact not mentioned in her bio is that as a young woman, she performed secular music under the name of Dottie Pearson and released one album, “A House Made of Love”

Here are the lyrics in the song I find so clever.

He’s a Psychiatrist – He’ll bring peace to your troubled mind
Podiatrist – …Place your feet on solid ground
Dermatologist – He’ll wash you and make you clean
Optometrist – Open your eyes so you can see

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