I Shall Wear A Crown – Revisited

There are some songs I just can’t get enough of, and Thomas Whitfield’s “I Shall Wear A Crown” is one of them.  Here are two great performances of the song.  The first from a produced CD, the other a recording of a live, IMPROMPTU, performance.  Both are great.


  1. I Shall Wear A Crown Deleon 5:35


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  1. I Shall Wear A Crown Shele'a 9:59


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Here is a bit on Shele’a performance I found:

“Listen to the voice and witness the anointing. You know one has truly met their calling when they are able to perform with no prior notice.”

“As she prepared to sing, she looked like a sister getting ready to fight. Now I know the reason for this and it wasn’t because she was put on the spot to sing without prior notice. The fact of the matter is she stood and delivered a knockout performance without so much as warming up because that is the blessing of true talent given by God and used to glorify His name.  Enjoy this song and continue to pray for her as her career continues to blossom.”

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