I Worship Thee

If you happen to have an extra 11 1/2 minutes (or even if you don’t), find the time to listen to this song.  It is a song from one of the first gospel cassette tapes I bought and I’ve come to love it.  This is the FULL version of the song, complete with what is called “The Exhortation” at the end (8:10)…(“For so many years I never knew…the importance of praise…the importance of worship…”).  Don’t skip it…it’s great; as is the accompaniment and the choir ooohs.


  1. I Worship Thee The New Jerusalem Baptist Church Choir 11:24


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One thought on “I Worship Thee”

  1. So, even after 11 1/2 minutes, the song fades out but keeps on going and I’m left with the feeling that it has barely started.

    Sometimes I wish I could get my hands on the original master recordings of songs like these and see what happens down the line; I KNOW I’m missing something even if the producer and audio engineers think I should have had enough by now.

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