Miracle Worker

  1. Miracle Worker The Rance Allen Groupݟ 4:57


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There is only one Rance Allen and you know when you are listening to one of his songs.  Not only are they unique, they are in their own sub-genre of gospel.  Contemporary, yes, but always with a Rance Allen twist.  Throw in Rance’s unique voice, and more unique phrasing and grunting and all, and you have something special.

This song catches you off guard from the start with it’s angelic strings and bells sound only to break into a bass heavy funk. 

And his lyrics! Singing about the miracle of changing water into wine he says,

“He went to a wedding one night, hey
They say the party was outta sight.
Somebody said ‘Can I have something to drink’?
Jesus said, ‘Wait a minute, let me think’…
That’s when he blew their mind
Time after time;
Started off when he turned that water into wine…
He was a miracle worker….



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