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  1. My Soul Loves Jesus The Savettes 4:16


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Hold on to your hat for some GREAT Philly Phunk disco-esque gospel from 1984. I LOVE this.  Get yo groove on this morning and dance along with the Savettes!!

The Savettes of Philadelphia have been singing gospel music for more than 50 yrs. Originally formed as a savings club with a small group of friends, it was unforeseeable what God had planned for this group. Although the Savettes never gained the true recognition they deserve, they have become one of Philadelphia’s finest gospel choirs singing and spreading God’s praise.

Known for their great renditions of the hymns of the church, the “Savettes” started their vision in 1952 through the eyes of its late founder Mrs. Consuella Howard. They started out of the house of 92-year old Sister Helen Love who traveled from Rochester, New York to support the anniversary celebration. The group’s initial goal was to create a savings club to help with money for the holidays at the Mt. Olive Holy Temple. They had rehearsals at homes of members’ that had a piano.

Member-ship to be a “Savette” was simple. Be an active member of your church and get your pastor’s approval. With this approach, the “Savettes” grew in membership with over 100 current members. The Savettes Choral Group of Philadelphia is one of the most respected choral groups in America. They have members from Philadelphia, New York, Maryland, New Jersey and Delaware. “In the beginning, we set out to save money as a savings group for families,” said Mrs. Deborah Brown whose mother founded the group. “The mission was to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and win souls and fellow-ship with all Christians from all denominations.”

The group has had the distinguish pleasure of per-forming with the greatest gospel singers and groups of our time. Individuals like Mahalia Jackson, the late Rev. James Cleveland and the Hawkins Family just to name a few. They’ve produced and recorded 11 albums that achieved critical acclaim in the gospel industry. “We liked to sing and we liked what we heard,” said Mrs. Esther Hawthorne, one of the original “Savettes”. “So, we decided to go out and have been singing from coast to coast.

Their talents range from musical directors to accomplished soloists that brought out the best in their musical talents where they have ministered their services to hospitals, prisons, church-es, for the homeless, nursing homes and supported a lot of charity work in the city. Their goals were always to sing the praises of the lord and to reach people who were in need of a word or uplifting a spirit.

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