This song features one of the most unique gospel singers you will ever hear, the late Rev. James Moore. No one has a voice like this or makes the sounds he does. (James starts at 5:15…that’s one reason the track runs 11 minutes!)

  1. Redeemed Rev. Gerald Thompson and The Oklahoma State Fellowship Choir 11:00


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As an aside, I just happen to catch an American Idol audition a couple of weeks ago. The guy’s name was Tank Johnson, and, after he was through singing, Harry Connick told Tank that his voice reminded him of James Moore’s. NOW…I do admire Harry Connick as a musician, but when it comes to references to gospel singers, I don’t think he has a clue. Listen to this snippet below of Tanks’ audition and Harry’s comments and tell me if what you hear is anything at all like the performance James Moore delivers on “Redeemed”. I think not.

  1. Tank Jackson 0:35


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One thought on “Redeemed”

  1. I could kinda see that. I don’t think Harry meant that Tank sounded like Moore just that his voice in some ways evoked Feelings of Moore.

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