Something About The Name Jesus

“Young people, there’s nothin’ wrong with dancin’ for Jesus

But we can’t forget where we come from…
So if you don’t mind
Let’s have a little o’ church right now
Thank you, Jesus.  Listen”

Classic Kirk Franklin reaching out his young followers to remind them not to favorite traditional gospel from back in the day.

I THOUGHT I’d posted this song before…but I don’t think I actually did, so here is a treat.  Kirk Franklin did a version of Something About The Name Jesus and looked up an over the hill, quasi-forgotten gospel singer named Rance Allen.  Rance’s style is unique in all the world, full of grunts, squeals, and high falsetto notes. The one song, featuring Rance Allen, revived his career and put him in a prominent place on the gospel map once again.  This song is one of my favorites.

And notice the wonderful stereo effects throughout the song as voices come from the left and right, but mostly at the start of the song when the clavinet or Wurlitzer piano plays…the sound bounces back and forth from side to side beautifully.


  1. Something About The Name Jesus Kirk Franklin 6:10


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