Let The People Rejoice

  1. Let The People Rejoice The Florida Mass Choir 5:17


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I’m back having had the most fun Christmas ever with my kids in Portland OR. Now it’s back to real work and to the fun task of adding more posts to the Song of the Day Blog.

Today’s entry is from one of my most favorite choirs (favoritest???), the Florida Mass Choir. I’m not sure what it is about this song, but I always feel uplifted and a bit weepy by the end of this song.


Be Ye Steadfast

  1. Be Ye Steadfast The Florida Mass Choir 6:44


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At last night’s rehearsal, after Donnell had finished exhorting the choir to sing out with confidence, he sort of muttered under his breath, “Be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding…”. Today’s post is inspired by that phrase.  This song is one of my favorites.

The Florida Mass Choir has been a recording institution since 1977, performing gospel standards and originals with the shattering power of a multitude of voices. Under the direction of Rev. Arthur T. Jones, Florida Mass has been called one of the most significant gospel music aggregation of all times. The choir is composed of  men and women, from high school students to great grand parents, from all over the Sunshine State. The voices reach back into the vast heart of America’s black culture and brings forth one of the finest examples of traditional African-American gospel music heard today.

The Florida Mass Choir has three albums certified as number one, three as top five, and two as top twelve. Their songs can be heard in worship services throughout America and they have become a staple of inspiration and hope to countless thousands throughout the world. Letters and cards from Europe and West Africa all attest to the effect their message has had upon their lives.