Thanksgiving Week – Day 5

  1. Everyday Is A Day Of Thanks Giving Dr. Charles G. Hayes & the Cosmopolitan Church Choir 7:02


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How can one celebrate Thanksgiving without this song??

For those who don’t know the story, the choir was singing at The Boston Home, a 96-bed nursing-care facility for adults with physical disabilities, primarily multiple sclerosis and other progressive neurological diseases. As the concert wound down, there came a small voice from the audience could barely be heard. A hush came over the room and an elderly woman said she wanted us to sing “Every Day Is a Day of Thanksgiving”; she remembered the song from her younger days. Most of the choir didn’t have a clue how the song went, those who had “grown up in the church” may have. At any rate, our director, James Early started playing and taught the song to the choir and the audience; the old lady was reduced to tears of joy. Next rehearsal James formally taught the song to the choir and it became part of our ongoing repertoire.

  1. Lord We Thank You Mississippi Mass Choir 6:45


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