The Blood…

Not always the most pleasant subject, theme of the precious blood of Jesus has always been a part of gospel music. Rather than ignore the subject because it might not still well with some people, I just want to say that some of my favorite songs, musically, revolve around the subject. So…

I’m going to make one big post with a playlist of all the songs I have related to this subject and move on. Don’t pass these songs by…and don’t get hung up on lyrics; these are just great songs. Period.

(And don’t miss the old school country version of Pastor Woodrow Hayden’s “I Know It Was The Blood” starting at 4:40 of the track.)

  1. The Blood Still Works The KACP Mass Choir 10:28
  2. The Blood Still Works Malcolm Williams & Great Faith 4:12
  3. Nothing But The Blood Wilmington Chester Mass Choir 7:59
  4. Nothing But The Blood Rev. Gerald Thompson 6:17
  5. Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus James Cleveland and the Cleveland Singers 3:52
  6. I Know It Was The Blood Va-Nu Hymns 6:09
  7. I Know It Was The Blood Pastor Woodrow Hayden 6:19


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