Helping people discover the beauty and power of black gospel music is what Joyful Voices of Inspiration is all about. In addition to the choir itself and our monthly open gospel sings, we try to make various gospel related resources available to the public. Below is a list of some of our offerings:

Joyful Voices Radio

An audio player with 100+ of the choir’s song played IN RANDOM ORDER. Perfect for effortlessly listening to the choir’s broad repertoire.

An Anthology of Joyful Voices Songs

Below is an audio player with almost 100 recordings of songs (in alphabetical order) that the choir has performed over the past 20 years. Some are professional recordings from live concerts; others are from rehearsals. It is quite a body of work featuring the choir under all four of our directors, Geoffrey Dana Hicks (1999-2003), Austin Marks (2003-2004), James Early (2006-2015) and Donnell Patterson (2016-Present).

JVOI YouTube Channel

Several videos of the choir in concert can be found on our YouTube Channel. Check it out.

JVOI Gospel Music Song of the Day Blog

Most every day for several years we posted a new gospel song to our blog, giving a little background on the song or the artist.  These songs cover a wide range of gospel styles; spirituals, traditional songs, quartets, mass choirs, contemporary, and urban/hip-hop gospel.  The blog now has over 1,000 entries

JVOI Gospel Music Streaming Audio Player

All 1,000+ songs that have been posted to the Blog are also available on a streaming audio player, so you can listen to great gospel songs as you work, play, relax…whatever.  The songs are randomized each time the player is loaded, so the playlist is always fresh and new.